pronounced like ellis; you can also call me lawrence. wang rightly rhymes with wrong, wrongly rhymes with bang

ls wang

I am a logician and set theorist.
my main interests lie in large cardinals, truth and paradox.

You can find me currently at McGill University; previously I was at Harvard University.

here is my cv.

drafts of papers
polyadic instability of model expansions.
how big is the set theoretic multiverse?.
wittgenstein and carnap on gödel's ontology.
knot forcing.
two be, or not two (three, four, five...) be?.
leibnizian plenitude is hyperbolic.
an epistemic puzzle for logical reference.
knots and algebraic-geometric epistemology.
wittgenstein's geometric thinking.

pre-drafts with no publication plans
logical dominance in if-coordination.
the exclusivity of ambiguous counterfactual-or.

for updated drafts or general breeze-shooting reach me at lswphilos [at]

recent news
*2019 july- I will attend the NUS summer school in mathematical logic in Singapore.
*2019 april- I will speak on ``restriction of knowledge as just punishment'' at Temple University
*2019 march- I will speak on ``two theories of concept'' at the Georgetown University
*2019 march- I will speak on ``semantic problems for mathematical platonism'' at the Indiana University
*2019 march- I will speak on ``logical inferences for mathematical construction'' at the University of Memphis
*2019 february- I spoke on ``wittgenstein and carnap on Gödel's ontology'' at APA Central in Denver
2019 february- I attended the 50th anniversary Very Informal Gathering (VIG) of logicians at UCLA
2019 january- I presented a version of ``knots and algebraic-geometric epistemology'' at Knots in Washington

I am a strict finitist. You can find some of my work defending that wackiness here.